The bookmarks on this page are a working list of top 20 or so websites that students of AP Environmental Science may find interesting to know about as a resource. Below this list is a link role from the GoAPES "", our social bookmarking site, where there are many more links to environmental websites. Links to important environmental agencies or real-time databases are contained in those pages, respectfully.

Top Resource Links

  1. College Board -
  2. Arctic Climate Impact Assessment -
  3. Basal Action Network (focusing on globalization of the toxics crisis) -
  4. Pollution in your home town? check by zipcode Pollution Score Card
  5. Biogems -
  6. E-Waste Guide -
  7. Global Resource Information Database -
  8. GreenFacts -
  9. GeneWatch -
  10. OneFish -
  11. Millennium Ecosystem Assessment -
  12. NOAA Coral Reef Information System -
  13. Population Data (French) -
  14. The Red List-endangered species -
  15. TED -
  16. UN Environmental Maps and Graphics -
  17. World Footprint Network -
  18. World Resource Institute -
  19. Yellow River Source Expedition -
  20. The Ozone amount* over your house Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer
  21. Running Dry- re: water crisis. see a 20 minute streaming video your call to action

Top Labs and Activities Links
  1. Environmental Literacy Council -
  2. Environmental Science Activities for the 21st Century -
  3. Climate Change: Connections and Solutions (an interdisciplinary curriculum unit.9 hands-on activities 5 student readings a Nice series of activities) Free Download Climate Connections
  4. Water Technology Projects -

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