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The Clean Watersheds Project is an interdisciplinary watershed monitoring project that uses Google Earth Pro to store water data about our changing environment. Participating schools can received licensed copies of Google Earth Pro in order to participate. If you are interested in helping us collect data for this project, or have a great idea on how to improve it, please contact the project coordinator, Mr. Thomas Cooper at

This project is currently under construction and will begin in the Fall of 2008.

Project Goals
  • Action research into the water quality of a local water supply
  • Basic techniques of environmental data collection on local watershed
  • Use of GPS technology to record geographical data points
  • Use of spreadsheet technology to store and analyze watershed related data
  • Use of online GIS database technology and wikis to share information between researchers
  • Discussion between involved entities to as to the relevance of the data collected toward possible contamination sites.
  • Global awareness that these issues are common to all parts of the world.
  • Promote social networking between environmental teachers, students, businesses, and area experts
  • Engagement between involved parties toward implementing solutions to improving water quality.

Clean Watersheds Layer in Google Earth
This link will allow you to access our watershed data. You many view our data in Google Earth. In order to add data to our layer, you will need Google Earth Pro.

Clean Watersheds Layer (coming)

Watersheds Under Study

We encourage you to add a new watershed to the project and increase our monitoring network.
Chattahoochee Watershed
Tennessee River Watershed

Participating Schools[
The Walker School, Marietta, GA

Water Monitoring
In order to maintain reliability between test sites, we encourage all participating schools to use one of the LaMottw Water Test Kits. These kits can be ordered directly from LaMotte, or a supply company, such as Carolina Biological Supply.

Project Documents
Google Earth Pro Basics
Using Global Positioning Systems
Determining Collections Sites
Sample Water Data Sheet
Creating Placemarks in Google Earth Pro