This is a list of links to Interactive, online, computer simulations organized by APES topics. Each link is the title of the simulation followed by publisher/designer. Below the APES links is a more general list of other science simulations. If you have feedback or want a link removed for copyright reasons, please email me.

I. Earth systems and resources
  1. Cycles
    1. Carbon cycle - Habitable Planet (Ginger Booth)
  2. Virtual earthquake - (Virtual Courseware)

II. Living world
  1. Food web - Ginger Booth

III. Populations
  1. Demographics - Habitable Planet (Ginger Booth)
  2. Disease - Habitable Planet (Ginger Booth)
  3. Predator/Prey population sim (Regents of U of CA)
IV.Land and water use

V. Energy resources and consumption

VI. Pollution

VII. Global change
  1. Climate change topics
    1. Greenhouse sim - glass layers tab is good (PhET, Univ of CO)
    2. Static pics of absorbtion of IR by GHGs
      1. Blackbody radiation sims (physics behind the ground releasing long-wave IR)
        1. As temp rises, the object glows and emits different wavelengths of light (sun is 10k) - (PhET, Univ of CO)
        2. More spartan than above, but displays more info (Modern Physics, Prentice Hall)