This wiki page has been created in order to allow APES teachers to jot down and share their course outcomes. We also encourage teachers to link their outcomes to a video, podcast or an online article which illustrates that outcome. You are also welcome to create a presentation and link it to an outcome. A great tool for creating presentations is AuthorStream.

Students will be able to:
Understand what an environmental indicators are and how scientists use them to monitor our changing environment.
Diagram the components of an ecosystem in order to trace how energy and matter flow through the system.
Understand the technology used by enviornmental scientists to monitor our changing environment.
Understand the role that fungi play the transport of nutrients in a forest ecosystem.
Understand the complex biodiversity the deep oceans and how it is different from the photic zone.
Understand the effects human activities are having on our oceans.
Understand the differences between preservation and conservation and how these ideas shape current environmental research.