Post ideas or lesson plans for environmental activities. Activities requiring a wet lab should go in the lab section. Please indicate how long the activity will take. If it is not your lab, make sure to give the appropriate attribution and do not post any items that might be liable to copyright infringement.

Summer Assignments: The Omnivore's Dilemma
Debbie Wheeler
Here's an activity I've been doing with my APES students the last few years. Perhaps you'll find it helpful. We watched "Food, Inc". during Earth Week this year - it was a great follow-up to this book. 2012 - Updated assignment document with Scoring Guide

Bird Populations
Notes: This is an activity that I developed. Feel free to try it out and give feedback.

Climate Debate & Credibility Analysis
This is a worksheet to accompany several short videos that were recently posted on youtube called "How It All Ends". These were made by a science teacher who talks about the logic behind action vs. inaction on climate change, the nature of science, determining credibility of sources, risk management, etc. It takes about 2 days to get through the videos that I chose to include here. I would love some feedback on how this might be improved... (Shelby Childress)
How It All Ends.doc

Climate Change
Notes: Students make different choices regarding national laws, trade, and industry that impact the resources that your county has. As president, the students have to make these choices and try to maintain resources, yet reduce CO2 emissions. If you do horribly, you get voted out of office. At the end, you are rated on your environmental policies, wealth, and popularity. I have played many times and have been successful, in the environmental and popularity ratings, but wealth is horrible (and I have tried different strategies).

Classroom Activity to Illustrate the Demographic Transition

Notes: This activity was developed by Paul Weihe at Central College and can be found in Volume 32 (3) of Bioscene.
The article refers to a spreadsheet file for entereing data and producing a graph: Family Size (XL file).

Current Events - Weblog Explanation and Scoring Guide
Debbie Wheeler

Hazardous Pollutants
Developed by: Nita Ganguly


Have's and Have-Not's: Human Population and Resource Usage Simulation
Developed by: Jim Lucey and Jon Yoder

Human Population - What Causes a Population Explosion?
Contributed by: Debbie Wheeler

Key 2 (may be easier to read)

Owl Pellets, Food Webs, and Pyramids
Developed by: Mark Ewoldsen

Parts Per Million
Submitted by: David Blake

School Yard Ecology
Submitted by: Unknown, Found on Internet

Species Diversity with Cars
Submitted by: David Hong

Temperature, Rainfall and Biome Distribution
Notes: I got this off the web, but can't remember where. If anyone knows who we should give attribution to, let me know.

Toothpick Natural Selection Lab
Notes: This lab was developed Pasco County Environental Progams.

Submitted by Mark Heilbrunn
This is an old computer game which can be used in a variety of ways. It is a model which has many variables for students to change. This game has a unique form of copy protection. It asks a scientific question which must be correctly answered to start the game. The answers are found in the appendix of the manual (in the zip folder).

Fishing Game
Submitted by Mark Heilbrunn
This is based on Tragedy of the Commons. It is an online computer game where the player is competing with two computer generated competitors for a limited supply of fish.

Environmental Law- Research and Group Presentation by Jonathan Weiland
IN my class this takes 1 research day- and then the powerpoint production is optional. Note you need 3-5 minutes for each presentation.

Invasive Species List

This list of 400+ invasive species was compiled for use during the AP reading in Cincinnati, 2010.

World Trade Center/Twin Towers Case Study

Describes the class discussion of Asbestos and the collapse of the Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001.

iPad Activity using 'Clean Energy Hawaii' app
This app costs $9.99 and has a lot of information and links to websites for the renewable energy resources currently used in Hawaii. There is also a chance to do virtual experiments on each type of renewable energy. Do play around with the app before assigning this so that you can troubleshoot.

Current Events - Weblog Explanation and Scoring Guide
Debbie Wheeler